Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Waiting Game

The booth is still not here.

And we are getting impatient.

But there are problems which we have to solve. Mainly, getting the booth to the studio. So quite a major one really.

It took us ages to find an affordable studio on the ground floor. However, we didn't think of the fact that the driveway to Utrophia is down a cobbled lane. So the shipping company cannot take it to the front door. They will leave it at the entrance to the driveway, on the street.

So we have the following options:

a) Hire a pallet truck. Probably not suitable due to the slope and the uneven ground.
b) Hire some humans who know how to shift a 400kg weight. Very expensive.
c) Hire a van, transfer the booth from the truck to the van and drive it the very short distance to the front door. At the moment this is the most feasible.
d) Get a dolly truck. Unsafe on the even ground but ideal for moving it around once it is in the studio.

Not to mention once we get it in, we have to be able to get it out again!

Apart from that, preparations are going nicely. Our studio is like a fridge at present, as it is on the ground floor of a warehouse type building with a concrete floor. We have carpetted it and fitted insulation into the walls (the carpetting documented by Joe Plommer here). Just a lick of paint and all set for the new addition!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

The manual, the DVD, and the good old 80's hair-do

So, it is January and the booth has not yet arrived. But the manual has. And boy is it scary:

No doubt these diagrams will become the wallpaper in the studio as we try to work out what an earth they mean..

On a lighter (and more reassuring) note, we have obtained a DVD of an old Photo Me training video. This guy is hilarious; proper 80’s hair do and such an earnest face. I found this clip on Youtube; it is sort of a trailor for it and is amusing in its own right. The thing is, although it is dead boring to watch, it is really informative and will be a lot more useful than the above manual.