Tuesday, 24 March 2009


It's in! It's finally here!

Many, many thanks to the hard working guys at Bishopsgate... who were totally unphased and seemed to rise to the challenge. In the end they made it look so easy.

The booth in the van...

and onto the pallet truck.
Through the arch...

and down the slope.

Building a ramp...

...to get through the door.

The pallet is replaced with wheels...

a snug fit through the corridor..

and into the studio!

Easy really.
Just 6 men, a pallet truck, two trolleys with wheels, and some metal plates.

And the great unwrap! The best is yet to come!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Even closer... and still no joy

Attempt number 2. This time, we decided to pay for some specialist movers. Kind of thought that it would be worth it just to get the thing in, and then we will have time to work out how to move it later. Quite a shock financially - it's basically costing us twice what it did from Berlin to London, and to go a fraction of the distance. But at least we'll be able to start playing around with our new toy...

Or so we thought. On the day in question, we got up early and packed the champagne. Only to arrive at Utrophia to find the removal men already there, surveying the site with an air of dispondance. They had not been warned about the uneven ground, and did not have the right equipment with them... so it would have to be done another time...

So disappointed! And angry... we had sent photos and specifications. But now other questions are starting to arise; is this studio really suitable? If it is this difficult to get in, how difficult will it be to get out? Should we perhaps find somewhere else?

And this is the position in which I will leave us in for this post. Watch this space!